Academic Education

Four classes of HDA students ages 4-18 learn math, writing, reading, and geography as their language skills develop. Far behind their hearing peers, most enter without language skills and must start literally with general concepts of words.

As funding and resources allow, the HDA curriculum will shift to a multi-language approach, using sign language, Haitian Creole and French. The new curriculum will include learning milestones that are customized for low language deaf students.

Blessed with the news that school facilities are planned for our new campus, and the potential interest of some Deaf Education consultants willing to help us assess our current education system, the future of our academic classes looks brighter than ever. This remains an area of our greatest need for improvement, but we are encouraged by these recent developments.

If you have expertise or resources to help in this area, please contact Ouida Tyler, [email protected]

Thank you.